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Roofing Options 

To Fit Your Budget and Needs.


Where would you be without a secure roof? Miserable that’s where. It is easy to miss slipped tiles, minor leaks into the loft, crumbling flashing on the chimney or rotting fascia boards due to leaky gutters. Unfortunately problems left will only get worse and could cause accidents or damage to your property and possessions.

The experience and quality that Elevated Roofing brings to the table, can identify any problems you have and ensure that they are tackled professionally to prevent recurrence in the future. This will save you money and anxiety in the longer term.

If a complete re–roofing is needed or a new roof to an extension, then it really is vital to have the job done by a skilled and experienced local craftsman like Elevated Roofing.



We’'ve all been there. It starts to rain and you hear the unmistakable pit pat of a previously unknown leak, or you start noticing patches of damp along your walls.
There are a number of reasons why your roof could be leaking. But once you know what could be causing the leak, it is easy to repair.



​Related to age, weather can cause a lot of damage to your roof over time. The sun, rain, sleet, ice and snow all affect your roof. The sun tends to dry out roofing paper and to cause the material to weaken your roof covering. Extreme weather changes also cause the roof to expand and contract, adding further damage to the roofing material.



4 signs your roof needs repaired, replaced at very least an inspection


  • Leaks

  • The age of your roof 

  • Lose of granules off roof 

  • fiberglass showing thru the shingles 


  • We are Local 

  • We Provide Quality 

  • You get the Owner on your job 

  • Our roof replace leak percentage 

  • We are Flexible 

  • ​20-25 yrs on shingle roofs 

  • 40 years metal roof 

  • 30yrs tile roof 

  • 10 years on all flat roofing



ARIZONA - Phoenix, Prescott, Verde Valley, Flagstaff, Williams


​Residential + Commercial Projects

Established Roofs + New Construction


Large and Small Projects welcome

Standing Seam Metal Roofing/ Shingle Roofing ​

All Steep and Low Slope roofing 

Highlight Metal Roofing ​


  • 20 + years industry experience

  • Affordable Rates

  • Emergency Services

  • Free Estimates


Specializing in all Steep and Low Slope roofing Highlight Metal Roofing ​

Currently Servicing these areas in Arizona:  Phoenix, Prescott, Verde Valley, Flagstaff, Williams, ​

Over the years, Elevated Roofing has completed multiple projects while maintaining an exceptional safety record and a very high level of customer satisfaction. From the beginning we have built a reputation for superior work and great customer care.


We Specialize in:


  • Residential Roofing - Existing Home & New Construction

  • Mobile Home Roofing

  • Commercial Roofing

  • Roofing Repairs

  • Roofing Maintenance

  • New Roofs

  • Re-Roofs

  • Tear-Off

  • Re-Shingle

  • Repairs

  • Torch Down

  • Soffits - Facia

  • Emergencies


See a complete list of Services we offer and Areas we Service - No Job too big or small.


Talk to an experienced Roofer every time.


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